Noble Looking Woman by Yoshitoshi


Noble Looking Woman by Yoshitoshi

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Period in 1888(The Meiji 21) 
Artist: Yoshitoshi/芳年 1839 -1892

Part of Yoshitoshi’s “32 Aspects of Women(風俗三十二相)”, a series of pictures of beautiful women. Each print depicts the daily lives and emotions of individual women from various social status and professions in those bygone days.
 This one is a scene of a noble looking woman striking a pose.
Yoshitoshi is one of the most sought-after artists. If this piece was in perfect condition, it would be worth more than $2500.

Attached with urauchi (lining paper on the back). Some damage especially on the left side. Some wrinkles around the bottom. The bottom of the left edge was repaired with some paper. The bottom and the right side comes without mimi (the unprinted edge). The face and the head parts are beautiful.
 Print sharpness: good.

About 37.7×25.5cm 
Ooban 大判(おおばん)

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