The festival of the 7th July by Chikanobu


The festival of the 7th July by Chikanobu

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Printed in 1872. Artist: 楊州周延/Chikanobu 1838 – 1912

One of the Edo period annual events series which shows how the people lived in the Edo, This is a beautiful summer night event called Tanabata on the 7th July in Japan.
 Famous Sights in Eastern Japan/七夕之図

This Triptych has been glued to see the full view beautifully. The bottom of the right edge is not sharp. There are three insect holes about 1.1mm on the title, the pillar and night sky. We can still say it is in good condition as an antique. Print sharpness: very good.

Triptych: about 37×72.4cm

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