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Welcome to Antiques ARAKI

I am Shizu Araki, the proprietor of Antiques ARAKI. We deal with quality antiques from Japan in Australia. The last few months has seen a lot of changes as we moved and redesigned our website: . We are slowly getting there as it’s still under construction but I’d like to restart my blog now to keep you informed and bring you interesting news.

Our items are mostly sourced from Japan, and we specialise in Japanese antiques, although some of them have origins from Europe, China and other parts of the world. I had hoped that you’d also enjoy them in Australia, so in 2016 I began to sell them at antique fairs across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and other parts of South-East Queensland.

I have many great memories of the time, where I could meet a lot of Australian antique fans face-to-face and make friends with the other dealers at the fairs.

Antiques Fair Gold Coast Jupiters
Antiques Fair in Conrad Jupiters at the Gold Coast

However, recently, I began to feel the limitations of antique fairs, and made the decision to focus our business efforts online as of the first half of this year. This allows us to expand our reach to customers around Australia and even the world.

That is the reason for the new website, and while it is taking longer than expected to build it to a level I am happy with, we are still listing some items on eBay as usual. I will keep you informed with any exciting new developments to the site as it unfolds.

We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.